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Our technicians at Ballard Plumbing & Heating are trained and experienced in working with every type of heating systems, from boilers to furnaces to hybrids. We make it our responsibility to help to make the right choice in heating system or in existing system maintenance.

Here are our services:
* Heating system installations and replacements
* Installation of energy saving heating systems
* Routine maintenance of heating systems
* Repair and installation of heating air duct
* nstallation, maintenance and repair of hot water heaters and heating boilers
* Reconditioning of boilers
* Inspection and diagnosis of heating systems
* Conversions of heaters from oil to gas
* Installation and repair of air ducts

Aside from the services listed above, we provide you information to help you make the right choice in heating systems, as there are several energy-saving and efficient heating systems today. Whichever type you choose, we assure you that our technicians will be able to install them properly, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the requirements of configuration of your home.

We are after your satisfaction and trust, thus we maintain consistency and excellence in our heating and plumbing services and products. If you have any concern about your home's plumbing and heating systems, you only need to call one number Ballard Plumbing & Heating - 206-279-3013. We always respond promptly and attend to emergencies quickly. 

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